Our Story

Authorne is a fine jewelry collection with artistic DNA.

Born from the vision of contemporary jewelry artist Rachel Bu, Authorne brings to life intricate, biographically-laden sculptural objects as wearable art.

Each piece in Authorne’s repertoire is steeped in the artist’s personal history which imbues the brand with a hybrid Eastern and Western influence. Authorne finds strength in this negotiation of dichotomy. The designs balance provocation with grace, masculinity with femininity, extravagance with substance, and audacity with restraint.

The artist behind the brand

Authorne was founded by contemporary artist Rachel Bu. Rachel Bu is a Canadian-Chinese visual artist who lives and works in New York City. She transitioned her studio practice to contemporary fine jewelry in 2022, launching Authorne as a platform to continue the development of her wearable sculpture practice while offering the opportunity for bespoke commissions and one-on-one collaboration with her clients.

Crafting personalized heirlooms

All pieces created by Authorne are one-of-a-kind. Authorne’s mission is to craft modern heirlooms that are not only worthy of passing on for generations to come, but are inspired and crafted for the wearer themselves. Craftsmanship and artistry are held to the utmost importance as all pieces are created by hand and made of the highest quality of precious metals and gemstones.

All pieces in the portfolio are modeled off of core motifs or stories, drawing from different cultures and experiences that Rachel has collected over the years. These stories act as a base, or a design language that you may customize, innovate, and design your own commission piece from.

Fall in love with a motif and personalize a design based off of the story that speaks to you most.

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