Timeless elegance,
Limitless possibilities

Authorne brings to life intricate, biographically-laden sculptural objects as wearable heirlooms. Bespoke and unique jewelry crafted for those who write their own story.

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a unique approach to jewelry
a unique approach to jewelry
Our bespoke process

Amidst the tides of cyclical trends, Authorne stands resolute in its pursuit to create exquisite modern heirlooms that transcend the ephemeral. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, Authorne seamlessly weaves individual narratives into bespoke, meticulously handmade jewelry, ensuring each piece resonates intimately with its wearer.


Fall in love with a motif and personalize a design based off of the story that speaks to you most.

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Starting with your own personal history, commission a fully bespoke piece that embodies your spirit.

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Our motifs

Stories that speak to you.

Each motif exudes a timeless allure, embracing the spirit of self-expression and empowering wearers to embrace their inner essence with grace and authenticity. From celestial inspirations to nature's wonders, Authorne's motifs embody the ethereal essence of the human condition, allowing individuals to adorn themselves with jewelry that truly reflects their soul.

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