The Mother Chain

The "Mother Chain" motif is a tribute to the precious connection between a mother and child. This four-sided diamond-shaped chain is a re-imagination of Rachel's own heirloom, passed down from her mother, and a personal symbol of strength and self-love.

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Unbreakable bonds

The "Mother Chain" motif finds its origin in a heartfelt tale of self-celebration and intergenerational connection. Modeled after a gold chain Rachel's mother acquired during her pregnancy, this exquisite motif embodies a profound narrative. Rachel's mother, just days away from her due date, stumbled upon a traditional jewelry store in China.  Compelled by an inner desire to give a gift to herself, she bought herself this unique gold chain.  She felt empowered, this was not a gift from her husband or her father, but to herself, symbolizing her transformation into motherhood.

The chain, later passed down to Rachel, became a source of strength and a reminder of the unbreakable bond she shared with her mother. Its unique four-sided diamond shape chain serves as a reimagining of Rachel's cherished heirloom and morphs into an abstraction of an eye.  Then when turned horizontal, the dot in the center represents the iris and the elongated diamond the almond shape of an eye.  This interpretation becomes apparent in the more figurative iterations of the “Mother Chain.” The “Mother Chain” acts as a master link throughout Authorne's collection.

By wearing this motif, you are reminded of self-love and empowerment that originates from within and can be passed from generations to generations, echoing the enduring spirit of mothers passing down life, love, and determination to their children.

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