The Angel’s Share and The Devil’s Cut

The "Angel-Devil" motif reimagines the cherub, modeled after Rachel’s own children’s faces, these cameos are adorned with both wings and horns. This depiction captures the beauty of imperfection and duality in humanity, symbolizing the joy found in mistakes and the curiosity inherent in our imperfect reality. *Cameos can be customized to portray the likeness of your own children or loved ones following a design consultation with Authorne. 

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Embracing humanities dichotomy

The "Angel-Devil" motif serves as a representation of humanity and its inherent imperfections. While children are often described as angels, their innocence symbolized by a cherub floating with wings, there is something intrinsically missing—an element of wonder and curiosity that isn't always purely angelic.

Sketch by Rachel Bu of a bespoke interpretation of this motif

Rachel, as a mother, understands this dissonance, similarly recognizing that parenthood is both a gift and a sacrifice and encompasses polar dichotomies. Drawing inspiration from her own story, she created dichotomous cherubs based on the profiles of her two children, where both wings and horns emerge from their round, youthful faces.

The wings, adorned with eyes, harken to biblical depictions of angels, symbolizing omniscience. Yet, existence is never binary—life is filled with shades of gray, with duality often overlooked. Thus, little horns are added to the cherubic cameo, bringing balance to the piece and embodying the imperfect nature of humanity.

By wearing this motif, the joy of imperfection and the curiosity found in learning from mistakes find their place, reminding us of the intricate beauty found within our own imperfect reality.

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