Keep Your Tentacles to Yourself

The "Tentacles" motif, inspired by Rachel's time in Japan, pays homage to the pervasive octopus. This exquisite motif showcases the octopus in its alert stance. It’s tentacles pointed downwards, twisting around oneself, forming a reverse tear drop shape that feels pointed & sharp.

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Embracing sensuality & open-mindedness

Drawing inspiration from Rachel's time in Japan, our exquisite motif, "Tentacles," pays tribute to the captivating octopus. During her stay, Rachel discovered the traditional Japanese artistry of Gyotaku prints, a technique dating back over a century. Originally employed by fishermen to record their catches, the method involved inking the fish and transferring its impression onto delicate washi paper.

Enthralled by the effortless beauty brought to life through the application of sumi ink, Rachel became enamored with Gyotaku. While octopus gyotaku often exude a serene demeanor, tentacles outstretched, our rendition diverges from the norm. The octopus in "Tentacles" remains on guard, its interwoven tentacles forming an alluring talon shape.

The motif's inception began with a collaborative Gyotaku print by Rachel's friend, Chris—a free diver and Gyotaku printer. From this initial work, the shape gradually took form, evolving into a captivating three-dimensional motif. In the Western tradition, the octopus may be depicted as coy, clever, and whimsical, while in the East, interpretations such as Hokusai's renowned print, "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife," introduce a sensual element.

"Tentacles" artfully shines a light on the contrasting schools of thought, offering a third perspective—an octopus symbolizing strength, independence, and intellectual prowess, with full autonomy over its body.

By wearing this motif, you embody the powerful statement of embracing ones own sensuality and cultivating open-mindedness.

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Tentacles Necklace

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