Heed the Guardians

The "Guardians" motif showcases the visual fusion of Eastern and Western cultures through twin lions. These majestic creatures, standing in polar unison, symbolize protection and strength, with their unwavering gaze centered on you, embodying the harmonious blend of East and West in their appearance.

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Embodying grace & strength

The "Guardians" motif pays homage to the revered Chinese Guardian Lions, known as Foo Dogs, renowned for their strength and auspicious symbolism of prosperity, success, and protection. Traditionally found guarding temples, palaces, and homes, these majestic leonine creatures stand vigilant in pairs, each detail holding profound meaning. Gender is subtly hinted at by what lies beneath their paws: the male clasping a ball representing the world, while the female cradles a puppy symbolizing nature, fertility, and nurture.

Similar traditions are echoed in Western culture, where stone lions assume familiar poised positions, entrusted with safeguarding ancient temples and royal palaces. In New York, twin lions graciously guard the staircase of the New York Public Library, showcasing the enduring power of this concept. Blending and blurring cultural lines, the "Guardians" motif embodies the harmonious unity of East and West in its depictions.

These parallel Guardians, gazing inward from both the East and the West, stand in polar unison, their unwavering focus centered on you—the object of their vigilance.

By wearing this motif, you can embody the grace and strength of the Guardian Lions knowing they provide you with a sense of protection and a shield against the uncertainties of the world.

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Guardians Western Lion Brooch

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