Cicadas Sing a Rare and Different Tune

The "Cicada" motif is a symbol of luck and transformation, featuring an upright cicada with stained-glass wings gracefully downward. Emerging from intricate patterns on its back, the face of the Goddess of Victory, Victoria, signifies good fortune and the courage to conquer new heights.

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Triumph through change

The "Cicada" motif is a celebration of this remarkable creature, serving as a talisman of luck for the wearer. With their emergence from the earth every seventeen years in a cyclical fashion, periodical cicadas embody resilience and longevity. Traditional Chinese literature teaches us valuable lessons from these tenacious insects, urging us to embrace personal growth and transformation in silence, much like the cicada burrowing into the soft earth.

Unlike butterflies or moths, cicadas do not undergo a pupal stage. Instead, they undergo a direct transformation, shedding their old exoskeleton to emerge renewed and transformed. In this motif, the cicada assumes an upright posture, its stained-glass wings gracefully cast downward. Intricate patterns found on the back of cicadas give way to the emergence of a human face—the Goddess of Victory, Victoria.

Victoria's face emerging from the cicada's back symbolizes "good luck," ensuring that victory accompanies you on your journey of transition, transformation, growth, and conquering new heights. This motif seeks to infuse your spirit with the courage and determination necessary to pursue new victories, regenerate, and emerge reborn.

By wearing the Cicada motif, you carry the essence of resilience and the belief that triumph is within reach, inspiring you to embrace change and embrace the path of renewal.

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Cicada Brooch

18k green gold, matte finish, pavé diamonds, emerald

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