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November 21, 2023

Mothers and daughters who inspire

Resiliency | Transformation | Matrilineal Love

Authorne looks to the "Mother Chain" motif with gratitude for the precious connection between a mother and child.

The "Mother Chain" motif finds its origin in a heartfelt tale of self-celebration and intergenerational connection. Modeled after a gold chain Rachel's mother acquired during her pregnancy, this exquisite motif embodies a profound narrative. Rachel's mother, just days away from her due date, stumbled upon a traditional jewelry store in China.  Compelled by an inner desire to give a gift to herself, she bought herself this unique gold chain.  She felt empowered, this was not a gift from her husband or her father, but to herself, symbolizing her transformation into motherhood.

The chain, later passed down to Rachel, became a source of strength and a reminder of the unbreakable bond she shared with her mother. This gift of self-love has been further strengthened by Rachel’s own entry into motherhood. And so this season — of gift giving, of gratitude, of family — begets its own token of love and legacy.

Motherhood, for many, symbolizes a time of transformation. An alchemical change that befalls one bringing new life into this world. It crystallizes and hones qualities innate to the mother. We therefore see qualities evolve, strengthen, and solidify in both a mother and her children:

“I've always admired my strong inclination toward adventure and curiosity. Since becoming a mother, I've noticed these traits have evolved and intensified in a most positive way. Children inherently possess these traits. As a mother, I’m encouraged to cultivate my own curiosity alongside theirs. When we view the world through their perspective, its wonder and magnificence resonates with renewed vigor.” 
— Rachel Bu, Founder of Authorne

Authorne brought together 12 pairs of mothers and daughters inspired by her own Mother Chain story to cast a warm glow on mothers of all kinds.

When asked about their own personal transformation, we are reminded of the beauty of the transformation of motherhood:


"As a mother, I knew that my responsibility was to teach my daughter everything I know about life.

I realized very quickly that I learned so much from HER. She has taught me what life is all about and continues to do so every single day. To let go, be present, be fearless. Our children are our greatest teachers. They are our biggest gifts."


"Motherhood always comes with unexpected twists and turns. Seeing every day and every obstacle with hope and optimism has been a cornerstone to my growth. Nurturing hope is an ongoing process, some days moments of doubt creep in, but I appreciate more and more that through every challenge I can find a glimmer of hope."


"I have always admired my capacity to passionately and wholeheartedly engage in multiple endeavors without compromising quality. However, upon becoming a mother, I have evolved in my approach.

While I still strive to test my boundaries, I now adopt a more balanced approach, wherein I still pursue endeavors with passion, while maintaining a clear understanding of my priorities."


"My fiery resilience has always been a super power. When I get knocked down, I pick myself up and recommit to moving forward, towards a new goal, a better outcome or destination. My daughters have that same resilience.

They are determined to do the things they are drawn towards and they don’t settle. Watching their fierce dedication to life rekindles my fire in moments when I’ve misplaced my matches."


"Since becoming a mother, my capacity for empathy has expanded beyond what I knew was possible. While I always tried to lead with kindness and understanding, after the birth of my daughter, I truly began to understand how to share in someone else's experience on a deeper level. The first hand perspective to her growth has been a gift, observing each moment of joy, frustration, pride, wonder and excitement. And as my ability to empathize with this little person grew, so did our connection and trust, solidifying into the loving relationship we have today."


"Becoming a mother has made me realize so many things but the one thing that has evolved and transformed me in a good way is being a good listener. There’s so much around to listen to ( from total quiet to the loudest of noise) but the most I’ve learned and nurtured is listening to not just the tiniest giggles to the unspoken. 

It has brought me to a level of understanding that things need not be said and heard to be understood. It is that listening that brings harmony to our world…"


"Be it within the realms of my personal life or career, an insatiable thirst for the future consumed me. However, since I embraced motherhood, a transformation has occurred. This unrelenting drive, still my core, has now seamlessly woven my child into its tapestry. I am resolute in my mission to embody the archetype of a tenacious and empowered woman, setting an unwavering example for my daughter.

I aspire for her to nurture her dreams with unbridled determination and to relentlessly pursue them, without a trace of hesitation."


"I had an idea about the value of time. I was focused. I was efficient. Time was something not to waste. When I had my daughter, I knew this would not change. Mastering time was so easy, so natural. I was an expert. I had conquered time.

Now, that little girl is grown. She has ideas, problems, and concerns I’ve never had to consider. As the world changed, so did she. And, often, I wonder about the value of time.

As she gets bigger, as she grows, I know I have a new calculation of time. It is present. It is past. And, it is future. It’s all of those things. That’s the blessing of motherhood."


"As a child, I always loved to explore different creative mediums and aesthetics. As a mother, I feel being creative and finding creative ways to communicate, soothe, interact and create art with your child is a skill that needs constant improvement and development."


"Before motherhood, I cherished my independence and admired my ability to navigate life's challenges with a strong sense of autonomy. Since becoming a mother, it has evolved into adaptability and resilience. I've learned to balance self-reliance with the responsibilities of parenthood.

This transformation has strengthened me as an individual with a more versatile approach to life."


"I always told myself, 'the day I stopped feeling empathy in my storytelling, in my work as a journalist, it is the day my heart has stopped beating.'  I find myself telling my beautiful daughters a version of this nearly every day.  The love and care in which they wrap around all of their friends and family, is the same empathy we should always show to others. 

Standing up for those wronged, even when it feels like you’re standing alone, might make you question if you’re on the right side but if your heart is driven by empathy towards others then you should know you’re on the right path.  

I strongly believe they’re going to be part of making this world a more loving place."


"Curiosity has, for me, been the most informative, transformative, and steadfast characteristic. It has inspired me to use and amplify my artistic voice, to seek out far-flung travels, and to experience the world fearlessly. It is this same agency that I’ve offered to my daughters. I have imparted upon them that curiosity works for the benefit of self-actualization."

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Sheena Kim